Apr 2, 2013

Grandchildren 24/7

Over a month ago I took Ryker to Utah with me for a break and get some wedding stuff finished.  We had a great time and he was a wonderful trooper as we hit four airports and three flights.  He deserved the time we spent at Chuck E Cheese.
It was nice having help also.  Ryker here is giving Whitni some driving lessons.  It was also good to see how great Whitni's soon to be husband is with kids.  Even though physically
I was exhausted mentally I enjoyed the world through Ryker's eyes.
 Aaron and DeAndra left for a few days of rest and relaxation and worrying about their children.  We spent the first day doing church, Easter egg hunt, and some rest.
 Day 2 was spent at the park and Lakeview.  They are always great babysitters.  This little girl slept 11 hours straight,
 Superman is always around to help in times of need.
 Lindsea and Travis are always a great source of some help.
Hudson is up to the task of keeping his cousins entertained.  We'll see how well the remaining days go.


Aaron said...

Thank you so much for watching them!! Looks like they aren't missing us one bit 😊 I love how Rock has boxers on his long johns lol... Was that your compromise to the under? Ryker thoroughly enjoyed having you all to himself, I'm sure. Love the pic. Of Jens and Huddy going down the slide with their hair standing up! Huddy is probably loving having kids around to play with... or maybe it's wearing him out.

Marissa said...

I love those kids! Hudson looks so much like Linds in that last picture!

Whitni said...

That is exactly what I thought Riss! All those kids are adorable and I loved talking to Rock on the phone today. They are so stinking cute! Can't wait to see everyone soon!!

Grappy Dale said...

I am so glad you are able to spend so much time with these kids. Wish I could help.

Shannon said...

Looks like you've been in heaven!